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CSA - Community Supported Agriculture

Let Cultivating Connections provide you with everything you need to feed your family a balanced meal. With veggies, grains, and meat - we have it all!

As a member of our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program, you and your family will receive a weekly share box of fresh, certified organic veggies and farm treats.  


The CSA season starts in June and continues weekly until October! The produce and farm treats in your weekly CSA box are grown by the Cultivating Connections Youth Farm Interns. By becoming a member of our weekly CSA you are directly supporting youth education and community building.  Your CSA share pays the interns to learn about farming and allows our program to donate 25 CSA shares within our community. 


You will need to pick up your share at Homestead Organics Farm (175 Skalkaho Hwy, Hamilton) between 3 pm – 6 pm.

When picking up your weekly CSA share box, we invite you and your family to roam the farm, visit the goats, chickens, feed the pigs, scout out the peacock, Kevin, and have fun together outside.

2023 Vegetable Subscription Options


visit the farm store page to purchase


 Veggie share - 16 weeks of salad greens and mixed vegetables, on average  5-7 different organic veggies and some seasonal fruit.

Veggie MICRO share- 16 weeks of 3-4 organic veggies including some seasonal fruit. Perfect for 1-2 people.


Grain share -Grains are organically grown and locally sourced from farmers around Montana. Enjoy peas, lentils, beans, and more! The  share will deliver 1 pound of grain every week, about 4 servings. 



Buy a Share, Give a share!

For every veggie share purchased, Cultivating Connections

donates a share to someone in the community. 


We want your CSA box to fit your family! Select from small or large shares, and tell us how many people you're feeding with your share so we can pack it to size! ​

  • Small share - feeds 2-3 heavy veggie lovers or 3-4 light veggie lovers

  • Large share - feeds 4+ heavy veggie lovers 

Concerned you can't eat it all or you'll be out of town for several weeks over the summer? Consider splitting you share a box with family or friends and spread the abundance!


Why Community Supported Agriculture?


Community-Supported Agriculture is a direct partnership between farmers and their community. Members buy a share of the harvest upfront before the growing season begins, and then receive a weekly bounty of vegetables between June and October.


This model is important to us because:


  • Providing our community direct access to FRESH, LOCAL, AMAZING TASTING food matters!

  • The CSA model immediately creates a supportive relationship between us, the farmers, and our members that is unique to how food can be purchased. We have a direct connection to the people that are benefiting from our food, and who are supporting our business. In a climate where we are less informed about where our food comes from, this type of relationship is vital. In a short time, trust and commitment between farmer and member can grow immeasurably.

  • The funds received ahead of the season allow the farm to operate in the months that no income is generated through sales and enables the farm to buy seeds and equipment. Being a small organic farm is challenging, so the CSA model allows the business of growing food much more sustainable. The farm supports the families and, in turn, the families support the farm.

  • Our CSA provides our members the choice to pick up their share on the farm, where they get to experience the farm, farmers, and the beautiful surrounding landscape first hand. Our on-site pick up includes a farm stand, self-serve eggs, House of Ferments krauts and kombucha, and a petting zoo for kids of all ages!

  • It is affordable! Each week our shares are abundant! We offer our produce below farmer’s market and organic grocery store prices. Feed a family of two for $25/weeks and a family of four for just $35/week!

  • In addition to the traditional vegetable share offered by most programs, our CSA is able to offer meat, grain, homemade goodies, herbs, and flowers.

  • Families get to try new produce and recipes! They take home new foods in addition to the common staples each week.

Salads For Seniors

Salads for Seniors

Partnered with the Meals on Wheels Program of Ravalli County Council on Aging. The Youth Farm Interns grow& prepare freshly made salads to local seniors. From growing most of the produce for the salads, harvesting, preparing & packaging weekly salad deliveries.  Salad deliveries run from June to October.


Mayday Gardens

Sign up today to receive a FREE

2023 Mayday Garden

Spring pick up - May 14 & 15
Summer pick up - June 17 & 18

The Mayday Gardens project provides ready-to-plant collections of vegetable starts (‘Your Future Food’), along with fun instructional videos containing simple advice for preparing your planting space, proper transplanting, plant care, harvesting, and seed saving, as well as cooking and preserving tips. 

Everyone is invited to participate and how and where you plant Your Future Food is only limited by your imagination. Mayday Gardens can be in your front yard, along the driveway, in a community garden plot: anywhere with soil, sunlight, and a way to get water.

Families and people who have never grown their own food or had a garden are especially invited to participate! As beginning food growers, you will be supported throughout this new and exciting process of planting, tending, and eating your own food! Seasoned gardeners, regular Farmers’ Market customers, and current CSA members are encouraged to continue growing and buying from local farmers. You are also invited to grow a Mayday Garden. An easy way to donate and share the vegetables you grow will be created, meaning more locally-grown food will be distributed and eaten within our community!


Join us in enhancing our local resiliency as we learn to Grow More Food Together! Visit our YouTube Channel to learn about Mayday Gardens and how to plant your own garden space through our video tutorial series. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and stay up to date with future video releases.

Mayday Garden

SPRING Planting Guide

(download PDF by clicking here)

Join us in enhancing our local resiliency as we learn to Grow More Food Together! Visit our YouTube Channel to learn about Mayday Gardens and how to plant your own garden space through our video tutorial series.
Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and stay up to date with future video releases.

Download this simple step-by-step guide explaining everything you need to start a

Mayday Garden distribution project in your community!

Visual guide to identify your new plants

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