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Kinder-Gardners Program

The Kinder-Gardeners Program is a partnership with the kindergarten teachers in the surrounding school districts. Kinder-gardeners provides a three-part series for young children, including one fall and two spring farm visits.  It is a playful and engaging way to introduce the seasonality of our region to young children while inspiring them to develop a lifelong interest in their food system. Each kindergarten class gets to help harvest in the fall, plant seeds in early spring, and transplant seedlings in late spring.


Special Abilities Camp

Special Abilities Camp partners local school-aged children with special needs or on the autism spectrum with Youth Farm Interns as counselors for a day camp experience at the farm or fun days at the pond. This program is held in cooperation with HEARTism Community Center & Bitterroot Arts for Autism.

Campers are encouraged to explore the grounds, interact with new people, plants, animals, and have fun in a stimulating and safe environment.  As the only recreational summer camp available in the Bitterroot Valley for kids on the spectrum and their families, Special Abilities Camp has been a vehicle not only for farm exploration but for kids and parents to build connections with other families in the local community, developing a network of support that long outlasts their time on the farm.

Special Abilities Camp

School Visits

Visits to the farm for school-aged kids, preschools, and homeschool groups introduce local school-ages kids to where food comes from, how a farm works, animals, and nature. These visits are educational, interactive, and encourage hands-on learning.

School Visits
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