Mayday Gardens

The Mayday Gardens project provides ready-to-plant collections of vegetable starts (‘Your Future Food’), along with fun instructional videos containing simple advice for preparing your planting space, proper transplanting, plant care, harvesting, and seed saving, as well as cooking and preserving tips. 


Everyone is invited to participate and how and where you plant Your Future Food is only limited by your imagination. Mayday Gardens can be in your front yard, along the driveway, in a community garden plot: anywhere with soil, sunlight, and a way to get water.


Families and people who have never grown their own food or had a garden are especially invited to participate! As beginning food growers, you will be supported throughout this new and exciting process of planting, tending, and eating your own food! Seasoned gardeners, regular Farmers’ Market customers, and current CSA members are encouraged to continue growing and buying from local farmers. You are also invited to grow a Mayday Garden. An easy way to donate and share the vegetables you grow will be created, meaning more locally-grown food will be distributed and eaten within our community!


Join us in enhancing our local resiliency as we learn to Grow More Food Together! Visit our YouTube Channel to learn about Mayday Gardens and how to plant your own garden space through our video tutorial series. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and stay up to date with future video releases. [Link:]


If Mayday Gardens sets are still available, you can sign-up here. Otherwise, watch for the announcements when sign-ups will begin again.


2020 Mayday Garden Spring Planting guide (download PDF by clicking here).


Need help identifying your new plants, here's a visual guide:


[see photos on current website home page]


2020 Mayday Garden Summer Planting guide (download PDF by clicking here). [File not available yet, but need a place to link when it is]

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