Camp Connections Growing Strong

After two weeks of Special Abilities Camp, the Youth Farm Interns of Cultivating Connections have fully grown into their camp counselor roles. Both campers and counselors have done a great job of getting to know each other and the farm, as every child served by the camp has their own personality and needs. Being paired with the same counselor each time they come has allowed for campers to become more comfortable, identify activities or objects of fascination, and provided a solid programming base for counselors to build upon.

Campers and counselors have built with blocks, played board games, explored the farm fields, picked peas and flowers, pet goats and chickens, and played on the swing set. Most campers adventured to the pond, splashing in the water, paddling around on canoes and kayaks, and exploring the habitat all around the pond area. There were new sights, sounds, textures, smells, and tastes that counselors encouraged campers to experience throughout their time together.

Part of this week's activities for interns while campers were off for the holiday was to evaluate their progress as camp counselors. They identified activities they would like to focus on with their camper in the next week, organized and prepared an agreed upon craft, discussed strategies for keeping kids engaged and safe, and organized the bulk food provided by Cultivating Connections and Bitterroot Arts For Autism into manageable and appropriate snacks for the campers.

There are many more adventures and discoveries to come in the weeks ahead, so check back to follow along as campers and counselors continue to work, learn, grow, connect!


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