Thanksgiving Turkey Pre-order Today!

Homestead Organics Farm is excited to provide Montana consumers with high quality, organically raised heritage turkeys! These turkeys have been bred, hatched, raised, and processed right here at Homestead Organics Farm in Hamilton. We feed our turkeys 100% Montana grown certified organic grain and give them free range of our farm in the fall.

Heritage turkeys look similar to wild turkeys, so these are not your grocery store variety soft bird. Our organic turkeys are longer and leaner, with smaller breasts but far superior flavor. They also make the very best turkey stock for soup due to their longer bones. The meat cooks up moist and darker than conventional turkey meat.

Homestead Organics Farm Heritage Turkeys range in size from 7# to 16#. We ask for $7/pound which makes birds cost $50-$100 each.

2018 Thanksgiving Turkeys will be available for pick up at Homestead Organics Farm on Saturday, November 18 from 11AM-2PM, and on Tuesday, November 21 from 6-8PM. Missoula delivery will be Monday, November 20 th (time and location TBD).

We believe in foods that feed the soil while they themselves are growing. Our birds are never fed any GMO’s, corn, or soy- only 100% Montana and 100% certified organic! They live on grass pasture where they can forage, scratch, and practice normal turkey behaviors. We grow our heritage turkeys slowly, hatching in April and growing them for 28 weeks, ensuring their health and yours. All our poultry is certified organically grown and is processed in a state-inspected and licensed poultry processing facility managed by the Montana Poultry Growers Cooperative. Be assured that the money you invest into one of our turkeys is staying in the state of Montana and is directly supporting our farm, the farms that grow our organic feed, and the people working in the cooperative processing facility! Thank you for buying to benefit your community.

Peace, laura garber and henry wuensche

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