Special Abilities Camp

& Stepping Stones

Special Abilities Camp will continue into its eighth season as a cooperative program with Bitterroot Arts for Autism.  Special Abilities Camp partners school aged children with autism with Youth Farm Interns as counselors for a day camp experience at the farm. Campers are encouraged to explore the grounds, interact with new people, plants, and animals, and have fun in a stimulating and safe environment.  As the only recreational summer camp available in the Bitterroot Valley for kids and families with autism, Special Abilities Camp has been a vehicle not only for farm exploration, but for kids and parents to build connections with other families in the local community, developing a network of support that long out lasts their time on the farm.

New in 2019 is Stepping Stones- a four day mini-internship program for high functioning kids on the Autism spectrum who are aged 12 and up.  Stepping Stones is intended to provide farming and gardening experiences that build on each other. Participants will learn how to plant, weed, and harvest vegetables.  They will share food, learn real farming skills, and start building a warehouse of skills and interests that they can use for employment as they move into their teenage and adult years.

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