Youth Internship Program

The Youth Community Farming Internship employs local high school students in real paying summer/ seasonal jobs!  Interns learn all aspects of organic farming, including planning, seeding, growing, tending, and harvesting. They also learn life skills on how to work with a team, accomplish goals, follow instructions, and follow through with assigned tasks.


Working with our farm-mentors, the Interns grow food for our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, the Salads for Seniors program which makes fresh salads for the Meals on Wheels Program of the Ravalli County Council on Aging, community events and more.


Call for High School Students - This is Your Moment!

Cultivating Connections accepts applications for its Youth Farm Internship program around the first of the year. The internship season runs from May to October. This PAID internship will teach you to:

* Be a Change-Leader!

* Be part of a team focused on food, farming, and community resilience

* Learn how to grow organic vegetables

* Learn Community Building skills

* Make salads for senior citizens in our community

* Be a counselor/buddy for kids with special needs at Special Abilities Camp

* Design and plant a demonstration garden to highlight important aspects of organic gardening and farming such as companion planting, pollinator plants and beneficial insects, trap crops, and composting

* Learn about herbs, herbalism, and natural remedies

* Grow, harvest, and make weekly [CSA] boxes of produce for families in our community.

No previous job experience is necessary.

14-17 year-old students invited to apply.

10-12 hours/week in spring and fall, 19 hours per week in summer.




Farm Mentors

Cultivating Connections programs are led and overseen by our director, Laura Garber, and other adult staff farm-mentors.



There are many opportunities to volunteer with Cultivating Connections programs, workdays, fundraisers, and events. Contact us for more information or to join our volunteer list. 2020 season volunteers are invited to the farm on Thursdays. Light to moderate work times includes seeding, weeding, planting, harvesting, and other various farm chores. If you would like to volunteer this season, come to Homestead Organics Farm at 10 am to join the group mindfulness activity & light stretching and then stay for as long as it is fun. Make sure to bring weather protection (rain gear, sun hat, long sleeves), long pants, close-toed shoes, a refillable water bottle, and work gloves are recommended.


Children are welcome to join and we encourage Parent-Child Volunteers!